These are my kitties: Ek Balam on top and Spot on the bottom. Balam’s favorite pastime is catch and release of baby bunnies – naughty kitty. Spot’s favorite pastime is sleeping.

Clarification:  Spot has siblings in Bakersfield, California — Oreo and Murphy III.  My sister couldn’t keep Spot due to a lease requirement — so Spot came to live with me.  Little did he realize that he and Ek Balam would be flown from LAX to Omaha when I moved out.  Anyway, Spot sends a “shout out” to all the Maurers!

2 Responses to “Cats”

  1. Hugs & Kisses to my little Spotter Cat!!! Oreo and Murphy III say “Meow!”

  2. What beautiful kitties!

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