September Rain

It was a rainy day today, a test of my commitment to bike to work. I was lucky — I was able to dodge rain drops to and from! The change in weather is a reminder that fall is imminent – my favorite time of the year. Readers in the Lincoln area are invited to check out my sidebar for the link to Community CROPS. They will be giving a tour of the Sunset Community Farm on Monday Sept. 15th 5:30- 7:30 pm. Additionally, Martin’s Hillside Orchard has opened apple picking season. And, the various farmers markets are still going strong. I took a little time this weekend to do some prep work for fall jams and jellies. Big thanks go out to Joan, Leslie, and Shari for sharing grapes with me. My plan is to put up mint, sage, lemon balm, grape and raspberry jams/jellies. Last fall I made cran-apple butter which was super on pancakes. I have one jar left — just enough to see us through the month.

I have added a link recommended by CROPS — 50 Ways to Help the Planet. Check it out and see how many things you are already doing and new ideas to save energy.

One Response to “September Rain”

  1. ted the anti obama Says:

    I can attest that the Cranapple Butter on buckwheat pancakes is the best. If i was on death row, my last meal request would be Cranapple butter on Buckwheat pancakes.

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