Obama in New Mexico – but did did he choose “Red” or “Green”?

Obama was in Bernalillo and Espanola, New Mexico yesterday for a rally that drew a crowd twice the size of the town. This trip underscores the importance of the Latino vote — Obama has opened more offices in the state of NM than it has counties! The tricky part for Obama, though, is to understand the culture of the southwest. A goodly majority of us are not immigrants and get kinda perturbed being lumped into the “immigrant dream” narrative. My guy Bill Richardson is pulling out all the stops to support the Obama campaign. I’m glad to see the DNC has taken an approach of ignoring Sarah “Freakazoid” Paliln and moving on with the job of getting votes.

Do you know the answer to New Mexico’s state question? “Red or Green?”

5 Responses to “Obama in New Mexico – but did did he choose “Red” or “Green”?”

  1. He ordered his enciladas “Christmas Style.” Impressed?

  2. Green, baby, green!

  3. Promising news from the land of enchantment, huh? Christmas style enchiladas too!

  4. ted the anti obama Says:

    Richardson the turn coat who thought Hilllary would get the nomination is trying to solidify a positionot in the Obama administration seeing how he is termed out as govenator of New Mexico. He doesn’t seem to understand that blacks don’t appoint hispanics, not even to dog catcher.

  5. “He doesn’t seem to understand that blacks don’t appoint hispanics, not even to dog catcher.”

    This doesn’t seem to be the case in many areas where Latinos and Blacks have had to live together and fight for common goals. Obama cannot win without the Latino vote, so I think that he’s going to realize that he will have to appoint Latinos in return for the votes that they will deliver in this race. I see it happening already with the Latinos who he has working for him. I have talked to three Latinos working in the Obama campaign this week alone, not volunteers, paid campaign workers.

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