TaDa! Check out this new blog

Check out the Onion Tears blog link . . . thoughts, comments, and life in Santa Cruz, CA.  This very new blog is action packed (photos of Maya Ruins), informative (how to cook with TSP . . . if you know what TSP is), funny, and bitter-sweet.  It’s written by the offspring of two anthropologists . . . which is probably more of a challenge than anyone deserves . . . in other words, it is written by my daughter!

2 Responses to “TaDa! Check out this new blog”

  1. Great page and great to see and hear from Larisa (I’ll send her a message later). Glad I read it and found out what TVP is – I got it confused with a different, more contraband product. I’m looking forward to my great adventure in Nebraska this month!

  2. She is so cute! 🙂

    I haven’t “seen” her since she was about 12.

    I bet you are so proud of her, and she can write about politics and identity too. To think that she hatched from the same set of genes as your dad! Unbelievable!

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