The Church of Reverend Doctor Girlfriend will be selling Indulgences & forgiving venal sins

In today’s news. . . something fishy in Alaska

The Associated Press reports that, “Trying to head off a potentially embarrassing state ethics report on GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, campaign officials released their own report Thursday that clears her of any wrongdoing.”

Now that is RICH! What nerve. At the very least, Sarah Palin might have contacted me for a ritual cleansing of past and present wrongdoings. Unfortunately for Palin, an Alaskan Legislative Committee has found that she did unlawfully abuse her power in the firing of the state’s Public Safety Commissioner. Perhaps more troubling was yesterday’s revelation that “First Dude” Mr. Palin has been fully vetted by Gov. Palin and takes part in state governance. So, let’s see . . . hmm . . . what would “First Dude” become should in some bizarre circumstance Sarah Palin became President of the US??? Would he finally be able to lead the secession of Alaska from the Union? Would he be provided top security clearance so he could take care of those little details for the little woman? I shudder at the thought. If the McCain/Palin ticket wins, even I will look forward to the rapture if only to escape the nightmare of Palin let loose!

Anyway, back to ME. Yes. As part of my ministerial duties, I will be selling indulgences. Do you have a peccadillo weighing on your conscience? Well, you can obtain certification of dispensation from the appropriate Aztec or Maya Deity. Check back for more information soon!

3 Responses to “The Church of Reverend Doctor Girlfriend will be selling Indulgences & forgiving venal sins”

  1. Do you have, like , a maximum? Or can I get a reduced rate if I buy, like, a hundred indulgences at a time?

  2. Baby, I’ll indulge you anytime!!!!

  3. oniontears Says:

    I’d buy a lifetime indulgence to brie and pupusas. I thought it was kind of funny though because Palin comes off as very christian and gets caught trying to take revenege on her ex-brother-in-law. I wonder how Alaskans will be feeling in regards to Palin within the next month regardless of if she and McCain win. I sort of feel lucky now that we have Arnold now that I compare him to Palin.

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