Antique Show

Went to an Antique Show today with Patti – lots of cool stuff! I bought vintage pyrex refrigerator dishes which I have been desiring as of late. Here’s my find:

This set is in pristine condition, I really lucked out. These were standard household items before the proliferation of plastic. I would like to eliminate plastic from my life as much as possible/feasible. I’m not entirely a nutty Luddite — but it is important to me to reduce my consumption of non-renewable resources. It is SO hard to cut out plastic. Every week I assiduously sort our trash, compost our kitchen waste (unless Mr. Man makes coffee. I just can’t get him to put the coffee grounds in the compost container) and equivocate during purchases to buy products with the least amount of packaging. Still, we end up with plastic trash each week. I bought tilapia fillets recently from the frozen food section. Big mistake. The fillets were in individual plastic pouches inside a larger plastic pouch. It seems that plastic is wrapped around almost everything! Anyway, I just love my new pyrex dishes. They feel so retro and now I want to redo the kitchen into a retro 40s look (the Tuscan orange clashes with my red mixer anyway). Don’t tell Mr. Man . . . I’m still working on repainting the bathroom!

I had lots of fun at the antique show with Patti. Darn, I forgot to take pictures. I was just enthralled by all the cool stuff.

3 Responses to “Antique Show”

  1. oniontears Says:

    Wow I’m totally jealous of your glassware. the coloring is very unique…like a mix between pearly and matte. or maybe that’s the flash haha. But they look great and will last you forever!

  2. Doesn’t Mom have some of those dishes lying around? I totally remember them from when we were growing up. I’m sure if you look hard enough when you visit you’ll find them in the dark corners of a kitchen cabinet. Although you have already called dibs on a lot of her cool stuff (the mismatched tea set, the picture of the man on the horse, etc.) I won’t fight you on these.

  3. That old pyrex is great. I remember my grandma having one of those small containers for her mashed up green chile and garlic. 🙂 I hate, hate, hate plastic. I have become more aware of it over the years, but I do my best to recycle.

    One of the things that I invested in and plan to buy more of is Emile Henry baking dishes (the colors have a retro feel). Those are nice if you can afford them.

    Those old pyrex dishes w/ lids are good for so many things– who needs saran wrap and those cheapy gladwear containers? Yuck!

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