Halloween, a bit late

I spent Halloween this year in Bellingham, Washington for a Board of Directors meeting of the National Association for Ethnic Studies. Although the weekend was very productive and I had a great time with my NAES colleagues, I did miss one of my favorite holidays. Mr. Man and I had the best time a couple of years ago at the Q — Lincoln’s gay bar [yes, Lincoln does have a gay bar; there’s also a Lesbian bar, too!] — except that I kept having to shoo off a VERY tall and husky Mae West who was keen on Mr. Man. It seems that every time we go to the Q, Mr. Man comes home with a phone number . . . so I asked that he NOT go to the Q for Halloween without me. Out of respect for the holiday, he did buy THREE BAGS OF SNICKERS BARS. Now, mind you, over the four years I have lived with Tom, not a single trick or treater has knocked on our door (probably because we turn off the light and the door bell doesn’t work and we leave!]. So, my question was, why THREE BAGS OF SNICKERS BARS? “uh . . . just in case ” was his weak response. So, now there are THREE BAGS OF SNICKERS BARS in the house screaming to be eaten . . . I’ve had two so far (two bars, not two bags).

Surprisingly, someone did brave the dark and knew to knock on the door . . . it was Sam and Ben! Sam is my grad student that asked me to officiate her wedding. Here they are in their costumes:


Can you guess who they are? [Hint: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou]. I was disappointed to have missed our trick or treaters.

I did go out to dinner with the NAES peeps to this fab Thai restaurant. Later that evening back in my hotel room I logged on to Second Life to do some “ethnographic research.” I found SL pretty empty! Seems like in some ways SL is not a substitute for RL!

One Response to “Halloween, a bit late”

  1. Remember, it’s TRICK or treat, and I don’t want to get caught without a treat, just in case. (You can pick all the TP out of the trees if you want). Call it one of my adorable idiosyncrasies, but one of my greatest fears is having true trick or treaters come to the door, and not have anything to give them. (Here, kids! A can of creamed corn for you! Any for you, here’s some of my old magazines… no, wait, better give me those back…. how about a Marie Callender Turkey Pot Pie? Hurry home with that now, don’t let it thaw!)

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