Home again, home again, jiggidy jig

Mister Man and I have returned from our trip to SoCal.  We had a great time visiting my family and various important cultural sights (the Mall, Disneyland, Bakersfield, etc.).  I’m too pooped still to blog much.  But I did pick up the kitties from the Feline Resort.  Poor Spot, he picked up a bad cold.  =’-‘=     He’s wrapped up in my blankie, and I wish I could do something special for him like give him herbal tea.  But, alas, the virus just has to run its course.

More tomorrow with photos from our trip.

3 Responses to “Home again, home again, jiggidy jig”

  1. (Up all night, busily editing vacation photos…)

  2. oniontears Says:

    Poor Spot! I can totally imagine him snuggling with the blankets.

  3. Give my Spotty Cat a kiss for me. I’m sure that will help him 😉

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