No rest for the wicked

Mister Man doesn’t believe that I actually work (even when he can clearly see me sitting in my chair thinking big thoughts).  So, today I decided to take a picture of me at work — well, I’m not in the photo — but you can see my work spread out on the table:


I became the de facto program chair for this year’s NAES conference, which means that I get to sort through 289 paper proposals to organize them into sessions.  What POWER and all from the comfort of home!
I still haven’t posted about my exciting trip to SoCal yet . . . I’ve been too busy.  In addition to creating the NAES conference program, I have a manuscript due on the 15th and classes start on Monday.  YIKES!!!  I’d better get to work.


One Response to “No rest for the wicked”

  1. Hey, ANYBODY can spread a bunch of papers around on my (well, Shari’s) dining room table and take a picture. I remain unconvinced. (Oh, and the two-day-a-week “I’ve been on my feet allllll day!” whine doesn’t elicit any sympathy from me either. I’ve been on MY feet all day, EVERYDAY, and longer days, for 30 years. (I’ve never seen YOU come home from work dirty) . There’s no wearing Jimmy Choo heels to work at MY job, baby. (Cuz, you know I would if I could)

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