Where have all the geeks gone?

So, yesterday in my “Native Peoples of Latin America” class, we were discussing the ethics of ethnographic film.  I posed the question, do we (western anthropologists) have the right to enter into other people’s villages, homes, or lives to film?  I asked, should anthropologists be held to the “Prime Directive.”

deathly silence . . . . no one knew what I was talking about!!  I asked, don’t you people watch Star Trek?  no response.  “uhhh, no”, braved one young soul.  Akk!  What is this world coming to ????


art by: http://echosphere.net/star_trek_insp/star_trek_insp3.html

I guess my coolness quotient fell by many points.  What the heck do young people watch these days?

2 Responses to “Where have all the geeks gone?”

  1. Mister Man Says:

    I thought it was “First: Do no harm”. I guess that’s the Hypocrite’s oath. “Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”? Nah, what a stupid idea. What kind of world would we have if people went around acting like that? Ahh, I got it! “Kick butt and take names”! Yeah, that’s the way the world works! ( “Shoot first and ask questions later” came in a close second.)

  2. oniontears Says:

    ::blank:face::…prime what? on the plus side Nathan just rolled his eyes at me and gave me a lecture on star trek. 😛

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