Guilted by a Crypto Catholic

You know it’s gonna be one of those days when a tsunami of guilt slams into you — totally unexpected with no prior warning.  I received an email this morning from a friend that I now suspect of being a Crypto Catholic — the guilt was laid on so thick that it stuck to the roof of my mouth.  I will now spend a few cyber moments prostrate before the Virgin of Perpetual Guilt (thanks to Fred for inventing her) and ask for guidance.


On a more sorrowful note, condolences and my greatest sympathies go out to the West-Carranzas who are shedding many tears for little Mango who unfortunately flew on to a higher plane of existence this weekend.   Mango is sure to be in bird heaven . . .


One Response to “Guilted by a Crypto Catholic”

  1. from Tales from the Cryptos:

    “People used to ask me, what’s it’s like to be a Jew at Notre Dame? Well, I’d say, there’s always always two of us in the room and the other guy’s not looking so well.”

    Like I said, I love your blog.

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