We finally did it . . . ate the pullet eggs

Mister Man and I were pretty busy this weekend.  We didn’t get around to eating them until Sunday evening.  I made Huevos Rancheros topped with Mexican white cheese.  Here are all the eggs collected since July 4th:

HP eggs

The eggs cooking in sauce:

HR cooking

Huevos plated

plate of HR

Yesterday I made pickled vegetables, Mexican style (Escabeche)



One Response to “We finally did it . . . ate the pullet eggs”

  1. cynthia w. esqueda Says:

    Carleen and Tom: Wow! You should win Lincoln urban farmers of the year awards. Lincoln is a whirlwind of activities in the summer. Don’t forget the Lancaster County Fair is coming up. You must submit some of your urban farm produce for a prize. Planning an awards party in the fall?

    Pretty soon the neighborhood will look just like our family’s place in Jocotepec, Mexico – only they have a noisy rooster next door.

    Your friends,

    Cynthia y Victor y Alex

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