Getting ready for Thanksgiving

It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving . . . the house is a mess . . . I have a ton of work work to do . . . and the parental units are coming into town on Tuesday . . . PANIC!!!!

Now, some believe that holidays are meant to bring family together for ritual sharing of torment, torture, recrimination, guilt, and disappointment.  NOT ON MY WATCH !!  Instead, we are going to enjoy love, life, drink, food, friends, and all the good things of family.  Nevertheless I am still in a panic wondering if I should iron the sheets for the guest room . . . ok, that is sick . . . but, just how much unclean can I get away with?  Do I make brownies (like my mother would for us) or just buy a bag of cookies?  Do my table linens match?  Can I vacuum the house with the shopvac? My God . . . how did I become so  . ..  so . . . Martha?

4 Responses to “Getting ready for Thanksgiving”

  1. You didn’t iron the sheets or make brownies when I visited!!!! Relax and enjoy the time with the parental units. That’s the most important thing to do. Wish the boys and I could join you this year.

  2. I DID make brownies . . . Tom ate them before you arrived 😉

  3. cynthia w. esqueda Says:

    Oh, yea, blame poor Tom. I almost wore gloves the other day at Super Saver, with all the hacking and sneezing going on. In fact, I might start wearing gloves. It will cover up the age spots as I get older.

  4. What!?!?!?There’s no beer in that cart!!!

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