No upgrade for me . . . yet

So, I’ve been in Southern California now for almost a week and have noticed that many peeps have fancy smart phones. One person I know keeps up with emails and reading on his Iphone while he’s commuting on the metro. The West-Carranzas have fancy Iphones, too. I also found a comedy “infomercial” on youtube that there’s an app for immigrants to find their way across the border! So, I was feeling a little bit of techno-envy. I ran a search to compare droids with iphones that was really enlightening! The bottom line is that over a 24 month period, the average cost of a smart phone is about $2800.00!!! That’s about 1/3 the cost of my car! For the time being, I won’t be upgrading. I am rarely too far from an internet connection — I spend most of my time at work or home and the commute is only about 10 minutes.

I bought a Dell Inspiron Mini last month to take to the National Association for Ethnic Studies Conference. The cost with all the bells and whistles was around $600.00. The advantage of the Mini is that I can actually work on the thing . . . wordprocessing, power point, excel spreadsheets in addition to emailing, Face Book, and of course, blogging.

I’ve been very happy with my mini. It fits into a large purse, is very light weight and has a very long battery life. I’m also able to Skype with my honeybunny when I’m away from home. I think that I made the best choice for my particular needs.

Mister Man and I, however, DO need to upgrade our cell phones. I might get something with a keyboard so I can start experimenting with Twitter. It seems that a number of Profs are tweeting to communicate with students. Not sure if this is a good thing or just another way for technology to intervene in my private time. But, at least I’ll have the capability.

3 Responses to “No upgrade for me . . . yet”

  1. We have smart phones, but primarily because we need them for work. But I will say this — there is room for negotiating with the plans. Every six months or so, we have been able to lower our plan by cutting out unnecessary things like extra minutes, etc. Most of my cell phone calls are short and sweet, so no need for thousands of minutes + I make most social calls on the weekend or mobile to mobile. Also, I never use the smart phone as a modem (tethering it to the laptop, way too costly).

    You probably don’t need one, but just know that you can play with the costs. I guess its like everything else…you figure out what you want to pay for.

    Re: twitter, I’m on it and have a link to it from my blog. Lots of famous academics are on it too. Join the twitter party. I think you will like it.

  2. oniontears Says:

    iPhone = uber fun. nothing more than fun apps and random crap lol 😀

  3. ruminant records Says:

    I do too read your blog.

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