I wonder how my garden is doing . . .

Gee, all this time I’ve been in Mexico my garden has probably been missing me. Tom picked tomatoes under duress . . . and he said he watered . . . once. Somebody might just need some punishment when I get home.

2 Responses to “I wonder how my garden is doing . . .”

  1. Note to Tom: blame it on the kitties. You know how hard it is for them to turn on the spigot and hold the watering can.

    Car, glad you had such a successful trip. I’m looking forward to seeing all your pics during my visit in October. I’ll share pics of the family vacation to Washington. Although they won’t be as colorful as yours, they will hopefully be entertaining. Love you! Shell

  2. yeah, it’s the kitties fault. I had them watch carefully the one time I watered. I mean, they’re home all day, while I have to go to work in a hot printing plant, then come home to an even hotter house with no air conditioning. And did you hear about the Manny Ramirez trade! Now he’s a DODGER! (have I sufficiently changed the subject yet?)

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