Back Home

Ahh, there’s nothing like sleeping in one’s own bed! FYI, I did get back to to Lincoln sana y salva. I took yesterday off to recuperate, but did a little gardening. Tom did harvest tomatoes in my absence, here’s the proof:

He left a few tomatoes and two squash for me to pick. I also have a butternut squash growing! Last night we had pasta with tomatoes and tons of fresh herbs with garlic. It is great to eat from our tiny garden . . . hopefully next summer I will have arranged for a larger, more productive garden.

Oh, BTW, I will be leading a canning workshop next Saturday at Antelope Brethren Church through Community CROPS. There is still space for participants and it is free, so contact Community CROPS (link on my sidebar).

One Response to “Back Home”

  1. See! I DID find time to pick tomatoes. (Though I was really busy those last few days washing dishes and rounding up all of he beer bottles, potato chip bag, and DeLeons container. Actually my mode when Carleen is away is to dine in such a way that produces no dirty dishes, so those were the same dirty dishes that were there when she left. There weren’t all that many, but I was afraid she’d recognize them, so I washed them anyway. That’s just the kind of guy I am.

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