Why I love Bill Richardson

I watched the Democratic Convention last night — WOW! Great speeches all around. Obama did a fab job of hitting all the issues I care about and I hope that he has the opportunity to implement this very ambitious plan. Of course, he will need strong leaders to help him out . . . and Bill Richardson should be considered for a high cabinet appointment.

Check Bill OUT! Now that he is out of the Prez race, he’s grown a very stylish beard which makes him look very hip. I made my first ever political donation to Richardson’s campaign. Not that I was under the delusion that he had a chance to be the Dem candidate up against Obama and Clinton, but I did want him to increase his profile. Richardson’s resume is impressive and we should keep an eye on him for future leadership. Of course I am a big fan — he’s originally from California, is Governor of New Mexico, is Latino, and so unassuming. I LOVE BILL!

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  1. Okay, that’s enough of that.

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