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Latino Politicos call for more spice!

Posted in Musings with tags , , on December 3, 2008 by xxxicana

Obama to announce Bill Richardson as Secretary of Commerce today!

billThat’s right . . . and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has identified 14 Latino candidates for the 8 remaining Cabinet posts. Obama would do well to recognize the power of the brown and that what was given can be taken away. I sent an email off to Bill yesterday . . . I think I’ll write to the President Elect and Vice President Elect today.

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Local News

We had our first snow last night! Yipee!


How do you spot an out of towner? We’re the ones excited about the first snow!!!


As you can see, just a dusting of snow. It will be gone by mid morning : – (

Why I love Bill Richardson

Posted in Musings with tags on August 29, 2008 by xxxicana

I watched the Democratic Convention last night — WOW! Great speeches all around. Obama did a fab job of hitting all the issues I care about and I hope that he has the opportunity to implement this very ambitious plan. Of course, he will need strong leaders to help him out . . . and Bill Richardson should be considered for a high cabinet appointment.

Check Bill OUT! Now that he is out of the Prez race, he’s grown a very stylish beard which makes him look very hip. I made my first ever political donation to Richardson’s campaign. Not that I was under the delusion that he had a chance to be the Dem candidate up against Obama and Clinton, but I did want him to increase his profile. Richardson’s resume is impressive and we should keep an eye on him for future leadership. Of course I am a big fan — he’s originally from California, is Governor of New Mexico, is Latino, and so unassuming. I LOVE BILL!