Archaeology of La Union, Honduras

La Union 1For my dissertation research, I mapped and excavated a site on the edge of the Maya realm in Honduras.  Here are a few pictures.  In the photo on the right, I am sitting by Classic Period Sculptures (~8th cent. AD) that once adorned a ballcourt. 

 Below, we are excavating into a midden – archaeology talk for a trash heap.  While the Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider movies provide lots of action packed adventures and the ultimate pay-off of grails, girls, and glory . . .  most of the time we are covered in dirt, trying to keep track of lots of minutia and attempting to draw inferences about the past from broken bits of pottery.  It’s like trying to fit together a puzzle that lacks 75% of the pieces, and those pieces you do have are blank, and you don’t even know what picture you are trying to complete!   

Follow this link to read about my adventures in archaeology   2

[Sorry, the link isn’t hooked up yet . . .  check back later]

 excavations 1



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