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Home made pizza for the debates

Posted in Musings on September 27, 2008 by xxxicana

Since I got my new toy, I have been trying to use it as much as possible (to justify the expense). So last night I made home made pizza with what I had on hand. I am pleased to say that for less than $7.00 we had a yummy pizza. Here’s a photo:

It was brought up to me by my dad that making bread at home is more expensive than buying it at the store. And I will cede his point that one can pick up a load of generic white or wheat bread for 79 cents. But is it less expensive? I guess it all depends. My home made bread and pizza reduce the amount of packaging we consume — no plastic wrap, no boxes, etc. I do buy expensive ingredients — top of the line olive oil, organic at times (but not always), sun dried tomatoes. But, I also get products that are preservative free, whole grain, fresh, tasty, and more nutritional. Plus, there’s the gas saved for delivery, money saved on the tip, etc. I bake bread on days that I am at home working on the computer. My new mixer does all the work! Likewise, making my own pizza took very little hands on time. I timed it so that we could sit in our comfy chairs to watch the debates.

As for the debates, I enjoyed the process. First, I hope everyone remembers how McCain tried to weasel out with a ludicrous excuse. I am an Obama supporter, so I recognize that I am biased. However, from the commentaries I read today, it does seem that other agree that Obama was more impressive. He had more concrete answers, kept his composure, and provided a confident strong performance. McCain, on the other hand, reinforced his “maverick” style — but is it maverick or just off course. McCain did seem to know many political players (he’s been in office a long time) . . . but sometimes his comments just made him seem terribly old and cranky. Some of his remarks made him seem just a too EARLY 20th century. So, in my estimation, Obama won the debate.

I’m waiting for next week’s debate between Biden and Palin. I watched excerpts of Palin’s interview with Katie Couric — and it was tre triste. Palin clearly doesn’t have a fricken idea of what she’s doing. Her notion that she has foreign policy expertise because Alaska borders on two countries is just ridiculous. Biden is sure to run rings around Palin and expose the horrific depth of her ignorance. Hmm. . . . what kind of pizza should I make for next week?

Washington Elites atttend Thrift-store Fashion Show

Posted in Musings on September 20, 2008 by xxxicana
Petula Dvorak for the Washington Post (9/20/08) reports today on a fashion show at the French Embassy for lawyers, lobbyists, and the wives of CEOs learned a few fashion tricks — like shopping at Thrift Stores.
OMG, can the economy be SO bad that the rich are now going to be infringing on MY shopping territory? I can see it now, “get outta my way, bitch, I had my hands on that Chanel suit first” . . . .
Nikki Kahn / Washington Post
Maybe I’ll need to hone my thrift store shopping techniques (shopping cart cut off, the well placed umbrella, etc.) to ensure that I get my bargains first. I will give one little hint to the Lincoln socialites wanting to “slum” . . . stay away from the thrifts near the University, none of the clothes are larger than a size 4.
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Obama in New Mexico – but did did he choose “Red” or “Green”?

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Obama was in Bernalillo and Espanola, New Mexico yesterday for a rally that drew a crowd twice the size of the town. This trip underscores the importance of the Latino vote — Obama has opened more offices in the state of NM than it has counties! The tricky part for Obama, though, is to understand the culture of the southwest. A goodly majority of us are not immigrants and get kinda perturbed being lumped into the “immigrant dream” narrative. My guy Bill Richardson is pulling out all the stops to support the Obama campaign. I’m glad to see the DNC has taken an approach of ignoring Sarah “Freakazoid” Paliln and moving on with the job of getting votes.

Do you know the answer to New Mexico’s state question? “Red or Green?”

EEK! Palin believes Dinosaurs and Humans coexisted.

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Can anyone seriously believe Sarah Palin would be good for our country? Salon published a piece by David Tabot today exposing Palin’s extreme and fringe beliefs; check it out here:

One of Palin’s stranger beliefs is that Dinosaurs and Humans roamed the earth together.

Apparently a believer in the “young earth thesis,” the only way to reconcile a geological history crunched into 7000 years is by believing that the Flintstones are real. Maybe she watched too much TV as a child! Ironically, Palin’s father is a science teacher!

John McCain’s misguided tactic of attracting the Hillary contingent under the guise of “feminism” presents a clear and present danger to the real foundations of feminism — equality, personal freedom to choose, the right to read any books, etc.

busy, busy, busy

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Not much to report on today. I’ve been working on entries for the Encyclopedia of Latino Folklore. I am contributing entries on Cihuatcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, Tezcatlipoca, Tonantzin, and Tepeyac.

Huitzilopochtli, Patron God of the Mexica (aka Aztecs)

Good thing I visited the Anthropology Museum while I was in Mexico City . . . I’ve been inspired by the images of the ancestors gods I saw while there.

Last weekend I made grape jelly . . . I’ll try to post on that tomorrow. TTFN!

Stop McCain and Palin NOW!

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Dear Readers, please do all you can to support positive, democratic, egalitarian, environmental, and social change in our communities and nation. Check out — you can get a free sticker while supplies last!

Although I am left of the Democratic Party ideologically . . . I have voted Democratic since for ever. I don’t think that Barack Obama is going to save the world . . . ALONE. We ALL need to pitch in and do our part. That means we all need to vote, agitate, demonstrate, recycle, eat less meat, support community based organizations, be actively anti-racist, leave the car in the garage as much as possible, etc.

Is it just me that notices the resemblance between these two?

and on a final soapbox note for the day, keep in mind that a vote for Sarah Palin is a vote to eliminate reproductive freedom . . .

UNL Anthropology Student Blogs

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One of the best things about the internet and blogging is that we can hear about people’s experiences out of the country as they occur. I received news from UNL Anthropology alumnus Brian Best who has been working in Peru for some time now.

Check out his blog, San Francisco Saludable at

The blog is in English and Spanish. I met Brian my first semester at UNL. Shortly after we met he brought in his parasite show me; it had been living in his intestinal track for about 8 months . . . ewgh! He’s an interesting guy and is a strong proponent of humanure . . . that is, composting human poop. He also worked with a community in Peru to create a recycling/garbage collection project.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Anthropology Undergraduate Student, Emily Smith, is currently in Ecuador collecting data for her senior thesis. Her blog is a hoot to read — she includes a vocab word of the day — very funny. Emily is examining maternity care in Ecuador and has had the opportunity to tag along with doctors and staff at maternity hospitals.

El Grupo

Emily is on the far right. She is a real sweetie and just a fantastic student. Check out her blog, Mi Viaje a Ecuador (my trip to Ecuador) at

Balam approves of the new toy

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September Rain

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It was a rainy day today, a test of my commitment to bike to work. I was lucky — I was able to dodge rain drops to and from! The change in weather is a reminder that fall is imminent – my favorite time of the year. Readers in the Lincoln area are invited to check out my sidebar for the link to Community CROPS. They will be giving a tour of the Sunset Community Farm on Monday Sept. 15th 5:30- 7:30 pm. Additionally, Martin’s Hillside Orchard has opened apple picking season. And, the various farmers markets are still going strong. I took a little time this weekend to do some prep work for fall jams and jellies. Big thanks go out to Joan, Leslie, and Shari for sharing grapes with me. My plan is to put up mint, sage, lemon balm, grape and raspberry jams/jellies. Last fall I made cran-apple butter which was super on pancakes. I have one jar left — just enough to see us through the month.

I have added a link recommended by CROPS — 50 Ways to Help the Planet. Check it out and see how many things you are already doing and new ideas to save energy.