Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Rethink

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink

I recently changed over to buying milk in glass bottles. Not only have we reduced the amount of plastic we consume, but the milk is from a local dairy that does not use RBGH.

Another plus — I like the retro feel of glass. I have always hated drinking out of plastic! Nothing ever seems as cold in plastic as in glass, don’t ya think??

I purchased a SIGG aluminum bottle for water a couple of months ago. I didn’t want to keep reusing plastic bottles (chems leach into the water). Although the green “cost” of the item has to include shipping and handling, I figure that by not using any bottled water it more than offsets those costs. So far, my SIGG keeps water super super cold and there’s no after taste.

More on SIGG

As of May, SIGG is only selling this style of bottle. Demand has exceeded supply and SIGG is in the process of revamping production. I guess that when going green intersects with looking cool at an affordable price . . . demand goes through the roof. Glad I got my SIGG when I did. According to their website, after summer they hope to be back to filling orders.

One Response to “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Rethink”

  1. Gregory L Maurer, Supergenius Says:

    Got RBGH?

    My motto: Eat, Drink, Be merry…try not to think so hard the next morning.

    Here is the CA take on things. We like the THC in our milk, makes the plate full of pot-brownies go down nicely..ha ha

    RE: water, here in Bakerspatch, the water tastes foul all by it’s own, so If I bottled it in some fancy container, it would just be cold foul tasting water. Please note, I do recycle all of the Kirkland bottles I can get my hands on, and we have to pay for recycling here….Definitely a RED state(I mean county).

    As for my personal tastes, am not as old as some folks, so I don’t remember what glass is, so I am stuck 2 one gallon jugs from Costco in a cardboard box in the back of my 13 MPH SUV…

    All kidding aside I am glad you have gone green and nicotine free I might add. Enjoy your “glass” of milk. Don’t forget the brownie!

    Be good.

    The outlaw inlaw

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