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Why Nebraska’s state motto is “The Good Life”

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Lincoln has a minor league baseball team — The Salt Dogs.  Mister Man and I venture out a couple of times each season to watch –ALWAYS on a Wednesday.  Why?  Because Wednesdays are Wiener Dog Race nights.


Not only does Nebraska have the second lowest rate of unemployment in the nation, but we have really exciting events to please the crowds!  Here’s a local newsman’s coverage of the Wiener Dog races . . . wait for it . . . race is at the end of the video.

ps:  photo of weiner dog flagrantly copied from

More Chickie-vision

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Mister Man worked very hard today creating an enclosure for the chickies.  Our gals are now fully free range and seem to be enjoying their new area.  There’s a corner pile of grass clippings and leaf litter; perfect for a short nap.  The weeds are yummy, as are the bugs.  Here’s a view:

free range

You can see Mister Man’s handywork:  a coop and the enclosure.

The cats remain intrigued albeit  nonplussed:

chx & balam3

Today’s Chickie-vision:

Chickie update

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It rained quite a bit last night and it’s too wet to go outside, so, I’ll write about the chickens.  We have been graced by our hens for almost month now . . . and the novelty hasn’t yet worn off.  Friday evening we sat out watching the girls scratch in the dirt while we played around on our computers, ordered food for delivery (with instructions to bring it out back), and drank (beer for Mister Man; iced tea for me since I’m on antibiotics).  It was a pleasant evening worth getting bit by bugs.   The chickies now have a coop thanks to Mister Man and I have clipped their wings so they can’t fly away.  I’ll share some old and new photos, plus a short video clip.

let me out

Here’s one of the girls . . . I know she’s thinking “Hey, Let me out!”

1st homeThis was their first home — very very makeshift.  Nevertheless, the girls did seem content.  They slept in a large cat carrier and had a small chicken-wire enclosure that I moved around the yard every day.  I covered it all with netting to keep the girls in and other critters out.  At night I moved the carrier into the garage since we have raccoons and opossums in the neighborhood.

Mister Man put together a very nice coop — but I haven’t taken pictures yet.  He plans on fencing and netting off the back part of the yard to create a large living area for the girls.

Meanwhile, I put the hens back by the compost pile which they LOVED!!  ooooooooh . . . . so many tasty bugs, grubs, flies, and worms!

grubin for dinnerWhat fun they had!

If I haven’t stated yet, the hens are Buff Orpingtons – a good hardy breed that is considered dual purpose (eggs and meat).  Orpingtons are docile, cold hardy, good mamas and self-sufficient — the perfect type for Nebraska.

looks like a cinder blockHere they are inspecting a broken cinder block. Since chickens have beaks, they seem to think that the world is in need of pecking!

who's over thereWho’s over there?

Live from Lincoln, Nebraska . . . .

Urban homesteading is all the rage now — and it’s a fad I hope more people choose to follow.  Home chickens are easy to care for, provide eggs, bug control, and entertainment.  Further, raising a couple of hens and sharing the proceeds with friends and neighbors lessens our reliance on egg factories that inhumanely treat hens like cogs in a machine.

David Carradine, R.I.P.

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word_kung_fu Today I mourn the loss of another pop icon, David Carradine.   Of course, he was best known for his portrayal of Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine in the TV series Kung Fu and later as Bill in Tarantino’s Kill Bill flicks.

Ok, call me hokey, but I grew up watching Kung Fu and was really into it.  Tarantino was totally into it as well — after all in Pulp Fiction, Jules decides to leave his hitman lifestyle to “walk the earth. . . like Caine from “Kung Fu.”

Yeah, Kwai Chang Caine was one bad motherfucker — just walking the road, meetin’ people, playing his new age-y flute, and dispensing mono-syllabic bits of cracked wisdom.  I ATE IT UP!  [personal confession, I trained for a very short time at a Shaolin Kung Fu dojo a few years back].

I know, I know, this kind of show was guilty of stereotyping Asian peoples . . . but I think it also provide generic US society with a model for conflict resolution that fit the times.

Lessons from Kung Fu:

1.  Be in the here and now.

2.  Do not initiate violence, and avoid it if possible.

3.  If all else fails, whale on their asses with fancy roundhouse kicks.

4.  Perseverance matters — sometimes you have to sit in the rain for a long time to prove your worthiness.

I am relieved that Carradine’s death may have been accidental; an auto-erotic session gone bad.  Hey, the guy was 72 years old!  He survived some real hard living and every moment of it was etched into his face.  I gotta respect a guy that could still be into kinky sex in his 70s . . . but CANNOT fathom suicide.  Oh, it’s just my Catholic upbringing . . . suicide is the only sin that cannot be forgiven.  But it is also philosophical.  Except in really extenuating circumstances [terminal, painful illness], I reject suicide as cheating and the ultimate selfish act.  Yes, I realize that there are some that would disagree with me . . . including the Sylvia Plath fan club.  But that’s how I see it.

So, David Carradine, thanks for the many years of cheesy “oriental[ist]” performances.  May you find a beautifully illustrated copy of the Kama Sutra in your next plane of existence.