Why Nebraska’s state motto is “The Good Life”

Lincoln has a minor league baseball team — The Salt Dogs.  Mister Man and I venture out a couple of times each season to watch –ALWAYS on a Wednesday.  Why?  Because Wednesdays are Wiener Dog Race nights.


Not only does Nebraska have the second lowest rate of unemployment in the nation, but we have really exciting events to please the crowds!  Here’s a local newsman’s coverage of the Wiener Dog races . . . wait for it . . . race is at the end of the video.


ps:  photo of weiner dog flagrantly copied from http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Kf8xd6skG4c/SSJEpCaodII/AAAAAAAAABo/e-5cBt45IvY/s320/dukedachshund.jpg

One Response to “Why Nebraska’s state motto is “The Good Life””

  1. paperlessworld Says:

    In 1973 Time Magazine had a cover story of the governor of Minnesota, Wendy Anderson, holding up a fish he just caught. The Cover said: Minnesota the Good Life.

    I lived in Nebraska at the time. The Nebraska Public Television Network had an insignia that NBC soon stole, without enumeration, for their own logo.

    There was not such motto as “Nebraska, the good life” at the time. Eventually someone hijacked the motto. Without enumeration.

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