More Chickie-vision

Mister Man worked very hard today creating an enclosure for the chickies.  Our gals are now fully free range and seem to be enjoying their new area.  There’s a corner pile of grass clippings and leaf litter; perfect for a short nap.  The weeds are yummy, as are the bugs.  Here’s a view:

free range

You can see Mister Man’s handywork:  a coop and the enclosure.

The cats remain intrigued albeit  nonplussed:

chx & balam3

Today’s Chickie-vision:

3 Responses to “More Chickie-vision”

  1. I love our chickies!

  2. They’re absolutley beautiful.Damn.Now I want a little casita so I can have chickens.

  3. oniontears Says:

    Great photos. Love the one with ek balam, especially with the contrast of the bright green grass.

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