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Bettie Page, R.I.P.

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Dear Readers,

Get out your black lingerie or fetishwear to commemorate the passing of one of the great icons of the 2oth century – Bettie Page.  We must honor the woman that made fetishism & BDSM look fun and wholesome!


Bye bye, Bettie . . .  we’ll miss you!

Report on Second Life

Posted in Second Life on December 6, 2008 by xxxicana

Well, I’ve been in Second Life now for a little over a month now (incept date 10/25/08).   I’ve updated my avatar with new hair, eyes, skin, and wardrobe.  Here’s how she looks now:


I was walking around a “mall” in SL and there was a height measurer — so I pressed the button.  My avatar is 7’1″ !!   hahahaha — that’s two feet taller than I really am!

Anyway, so far in SL I have participated in many different kinds of activities.  I attended a conference, sat in on a class lecture titled “The One Drop Rule” with the  Study of Racialism Group, checked out student presentations from a Women’s Studies course, and this morning participated in a coffee talk with the Social Justice group.  I also am a member of several dance clubs:  Derailed, Hell’s Gate, Club Industry, and Voodoo lounge.  I go clubbing several times a week, usually for about 45 minutes as a decompression method.  I try to have fun in many different settings.

I am also experimenting with ethnographic observation with a look towards a study on race and racism in SL.  I was hanging out in a public space the other night.  The area is frequented by newbies and it is fun to watch them modify their avatars, test their flying skills, and just try to figure stuff out.  I was very amused by one guy that joined SL in search of sex . . . he was running from avatar to avatar asking for sex!  As if that would work in  Real Life (RL)!!  Finally, someone explained the situation to him and he was soon off searching for a sex sim.

Back to my story.  I was in this public space when I overheard people engaging in very racist talk.  I walked over to investigate and found three white avatars harassing a black avatar!  They were extremely abusive — even tossing around the “N” word.  I was shocked at their behavior!  One of the white avatars was a young woman (based on her voice).  I spoke out since I advocate the interruption of racism in daily life (it’s what I teach, preach, and try to practice).  Of course this little gang turned on me — and the female avatar was the worst.  She questioned my gender (?), and called me “Last of the Mohicans.”  I started a private conversation with the black avatar which was interesting.  We discussed the situation and how in SL there’s no penalty to acting in a racist manner — such as getting your ass kicked or being ostracized.  So, I’m going to be keeping notes for a future study.  I’ll keep you all posted on haps in SL.

Latino Politicos call for more spice!

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Obama to announce Bill Richardson as Secretary of Commerce today!

billThat’s right . . . and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has identified 14 Latino candidates for the 8 remaining Cabinet posts. Obama would do well to recognize the power of the brown and that what was given can be taken away. I sent an email off to Bill yesterday . . . I think I’ll write to the President Elect and Vice President Elect today.

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Local News

We had our first snow last night! Yipee!


How do you spot an out of towner? We’re the ones excited about the first snow!!!


As you can see, just a dusting of snow. It will be gone by mid morning : – (

It shoulda been Bill

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I’m very disappointed that Obama has chosen Hillary over Bill for Secretary of State >:-( Not only does Bill have better creds, he is a negotiator and peace maker – I think Hill is a tad hawkish.

But, at least we will have Bill at home working as Secretary of Commerce. I hope that Obama recognizes that Bill pulled a lot of Latinos off their nalgas to get and vote for Obama! Nevertheless, it is amazing how quickly Obama is setting up housekeeping and working in a proactive manner to address the myriad problems our nation is facing. GWB, on the other hand, is lamest lame duck ever. At least he has had the good sense to just stay out of the way!

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I haven’t posted for a while . . . that whole Thanksgiving thing kept me busy or recuperating! Mister Man and I avoided the mall on Black Friday. Instead, we were online for the entire day doing our shopping. What a relief! No crowds, no fist fights in the parking lot over the closest spot, no waiting in long lines to sit on Santa’s lap! We had a tiny bit of snow on Friday as well — just flurries really. But enough to make it feel like Christmas time. We did venture out Sunday night to pick up a new flat screen TV! I ordered the TV, a cabinet, and DVD/VCR player online — so all we had to do was pull up in back for loading. But NOOOOOO, Mister Man continued to scan the TVs and decided that we really NEEDED a 40″ fancy ass model instead of the much less expensive 32″ model we had originally selected. I think with men, there is no TV screen that is large enough!

new-tvSo, now we have this behemoth in the living room . . . . but, the resolution is FAB!!! I guess he was right on that one (shh, don’t tell him I said he was right, he’ll gloat for days!).

Well, that’s all for today. I’ve got a ton of grading to do . . . TTFN!