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It shoulda been Bill

Posted in 1 on December 2, 2008 by xxxicana

I’m very disappointed that Obama has chosen Hillary over Bill for Secretary of State >:-( Not only does Bill have better creds, he is a negotiator and peace maker – I think Hill is a tad hawkish.

But, at least we will have Bill at home working as Secretary of Commerce. I hope that Obama recognizes that Bill pulled a lot of Latinos off their nalgas to get and vote for Obama! Nevertheless, it is amazing how quickly Obama is setting up housekeeping and working in a proactive manner to address the myriad problems our nation is facing. GWB, on the other hand, is lamest lame duck ever. At least he has had the good sense to just stay out of the way!

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I haven’t posted for a while . . . that whole Thanksgiving thing kept me busy or recuperating! Mister Man and I avoided the mall on Black Friday. Instead, we were online for the entire day doing our shopping. What a relief! No crowds, no fist fights in the parking lot over the closest spot, no waiting in long lines to sit on Santa’s lap! We had a tiny bit of snow on Friday as well — just flurries really. But enough to make it feel like Christmas time. We did venture out Sunday night to pick up a new flat screen TV! I ordered the TV, a cabinet, and DVD/VCR player online — so all we had to do was pull up in back for loading. But NOOOOOO, Mister Man continued to scan the TVs and decided that we really NEEDED a 40″ fancy ass model instead of the much less expensive 32″ model we had originally selected. I think with men, there is no TV screen that is large enough!

new-tvSo, now we have this behemoth in the living room . . . . but, the resolution is FAB!!! I guess he was right on that one (shh, don’t tell him I said he was right, he’ll gloat for days!).

Well, that’s all for today. I’ve got a ton of grading to do . . . TTFN!