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What??? UNL didn’t make Playboy’s top party schools?

Posted in 1 on April 17, 2009 by xxxicana

Playboy published its list of top party schools (link here); University of Miami hit the top.  None of the schools I’ve attended or worked at made the list — hmmm, do you think it’s me??  Nah, couldn’t be. I wonder if there is a correlation between party school, grades, length to graduation, and future success in life (ignoring the problem of metrics on that last one).  I knew a couple of guys from University of Miami a while back — let’s just say they fit the profile to a T.

Nebraska – The Good Life

Posted in Musings on April 8, 2009 by xxxicana

Ok, I’m back from sunny Southern California . . . and while I was away my daffodils popped up, the chives are 3″ high, and sorrel leaves emerged (but froze the other night).  What a difference a few days make!  It was great to be back in SoCal.  I spent time with my parents, sister, and nephews [note to mom  & dad:  kill that Tickle me Elmo or face the consequences].


As frequent readers know, I was away for the National Association for Ethnic Studies conference held in San Diego.  No hatin’ on me, porfavor . . . I didn’t get out of the hotel except once for lunch.  Yep, that right . . . all the way to San Diego and all I really saw was the freeway from my hotel window.  But, I did connect with the NAES peeps and met many new people.  I especially enjoyed meeting some pretty fantastic undergraduate students.  I also learned something important.  Flattery is the best way to get someone to do something . . . I signed on as the Conference Program Chair for the next conference.

On another note, while I was away, I received notification that a project I applied for with a stellar undergraduate student was approved!!  Miss Misam Ali will be working with me to learn research skills on the topic of “Race and Ethnicity in New Media.”  I’m super happy since Misam is a hoot!