Fourth of July Party, 2008

Phew, I have finally recuperated from our 4th of July party. I had a great time with our friends, family, and neighbors. It was also the premier of the band with out a name as yet — they have moved up in the world . . . . literally . . . from the basement to the garage!

Neighbor Kay supplied Jell-o shots strong enough to put a bull elephant down! Our friend Tom V. invented a new dance — the Jell-o shot!

Group shot . . .

Enjoying a beer . . .

One Response to “Fourth of July Party, 2008”

  1. I was actually trying to play my guitar in that band picture, not clap, the way it appears. The combination of Xanax ( I was NERVOUS, we were having a party my new band’s first gig…) and jello shots had left my balance and already minimal motor skills somewhat impaired. Each time I fell over, I thought, “I don’t understand it, I’m not that drunk!). Carleen did research. Now I understand.

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