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EEK! Palin believes Dinosaurs and Humans coexisted.

Posted in Uncategorized on September 15, 2008 by xxxicana

Can anyone seriously believe Sarah Palin would be good for our country? Salon published a piece by David Tabot today exposing Palin’s extreme and fringe beliefs; check it out here:

One of Palin’s stranger beliefs is that Dinosaurs and Humans roamed the earth together.

Apparently a believer in the “young earth thesis,” the only way to reconcile a geological history crunched into 7000 years is by believing that the Flintstones are real. Maybe she watched too much TV as a child! Ironically, Palin’s father is a science teacher!

John McCain’s misguided tactic of attracting the Hillary contingent under the guise of “feminism” presents a clear and present danger to the real foundations of feminism — equality, personal freedom to choose, the right to read any books, etc.