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Home made pizza for the debates

Posted in Musings on September 27, 2008 by xxxicana

Since I got my new toy, I have been trying to use it as much as possible (to justify the expense). So last night I made home made pizza with what I had on hand. I am pleased to say that for less than $7.00 we had a yummy pizza. Here’s a photo:

It was brought up to me by my dad that making bread at home is more expensive than buying it at the store. And I will cede his point that one can pick up a load of generic white or wheat bread for 79 cents. But is it less expensive? I guess it all depends. My home made bread and pizza reduce the amount of packaging we consume — no plastic wrap, no boxes, etc. I do buy expensive ingredients — top of the line olive oil, organic at times (but not always), sun dried tomatoes. But, I also get products that are preservative free, whole grain, fresh, tasty, and more nutritional. Plus, there’s the gas saved for delivery, money saved on the tip, etc. I bake bread on days that I am at home working on the computer. My new mixer does all the work! Likewise, making my own pizza took very little hands on time. I timed it so that we could sit in our comfy chairs to watch the debates.

As for the debates, I enjoyed the process. First, I hope everyone remembers how McCain tried to weasel out with a ludicrous excuse. I am an Obama supporter, so I recognize that I am biased. However, from the commentaries I read today, it does seem that other agree that Obama was more impressive. He had more concrete answers, kept his composure, and provided a confident strong performance. McCain, on the other hand, reinforced his “maverick” style — but is it maverick or just off course. McCain did seem to know many political players (he’s been in office a long time) . . . but sometimes his comments just made him seem terribly old and cranky. Some of his remarks made him seem just a too EARLY 20th century. So, in my estimation, Obama won the debate.

I’m waiting for next week’s debate between Biden and Palin. I watched excerpts of Palin’s interview with Katie Couric — and it was tre triste. Palin clearly doesn’t have a fricken idea of what she’s doing. Her notion that she has foreign policy expertise because Alaska borders on two countries is just ridiculous. Biden is sure to run rings around Palin and expose the horrific depth of her ignorance. Hmm. . . . what kind of pizza should I make for next week?