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Washington Elites atttend Thrift-store Fashion Show

Posted in Musings on September 20, 2008 by xxxicana
Petula Dvorak for the Washington Post (9/20/08) reports today on a fashion show at the French Embassy for lawyers, lobbyists, and the wives of CEOs learned a few fashion tricks — like shopping at Thrift Stores.
OMG, can the economy be SO bad that the rich are now going to be infringing on MY shopping territory? I can see it now, “get outta my way, bitch, I had my hands on that Chanel suit first” . . . .
Nikki Kahn / Washington Post
Maybe I’ll need to hone my thrift store shopping techniques (shopping cart cut off, the well placed umbrella, etc.) to ensure that I get my bargains first. I will give one little hint to the Lincoln socialites wanting to “slum” . . . stay away from the thrifts near the University, none of the clothes are larger than a size 4.
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