UNL Anthropology Student Blogs

One of the best things about the internet and blogging is that we can hear about people’s experiences out of the country as they occur. I received news from UNL Anthropology alumnus Brian Best who has been working in Peru for some time now.

Check out his blog, San Francisco Saludable at


The blog is in English and Spanish. I met Brian my first semester at UNL. Shortly after we met he brought in his parasite show me; it had been living in his intestinal track for about 8 months . . . ewgh! He’s an interesting guy and is a strong proponent of humanure . . . that is, composting human poop. He also worked with a community in Peru to create a recycling/garbage collection project.

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Anthropology Undergraduate Student, Emily Smith, is currently in Ecuador collecting data for her senior thesis. Her blog is a hoot to read — she includes a vocab word of the day — very funny. Emily is examining maternity care in Ecuador and has had the opportunity to tag along with doctors and staff at maternity hospitals.

El Grupo

Emily is on the far right. She is a real sweetie and just a fantastic student. Check out her blog, Mi Viaje a Ecuador (my trip to Ecuador) at http://emilyecuadorblog.blogspot.com

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