Stop McCain and Palin NOW!

Dear Readers, please do all you can to support positive, democratic, egalitarian, environmental, and social change in our communities and nation. Check out — you can get a free sticker while supplies last!

Although I am left of the Democratic Party ideologically . . . I have voted Democratic since for ever. I don’t think that Barack Obama is going to save the world . . . ALONE. We ALL need to pitch in and do our part. That means we all need to vote, agitate, demonstrate, recycle, eat less meat, support community based organizations, be actively anti-racist, leave the car in the garage as much as possible, etc.

Is it just me that notices the resemblance between these two?

and on a final soapbox note for the day, keep in mind that a vote for Sarah Palin is a vote to eliminate reproductive freedom . . .

One Response to “Stop McCain and Palin NOW!”

  1. I think that we need to start calling the swing states and trying to make an impact there. If you plan to go to CO or NM in the next 6 weeks, please consider walking a precinct. I don’t know if I will be able to make it, but if I do, I intend to drop some of my knowledge and roll up my sleeves.

    I think that we are witnessing what can and will happen if people don’t get off their butts and move… just do something. We have become so apathetic as a society that most seems to only want to be spoon fed soundbites without examining the facts, doing any homework or research of their own, etc.

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