Ma po tofu and Money does matter

I was SO amazed by Onion Tears’ cooking that I attempted two of her dishes:  Ma po tofu and broccoli with ginger and garlic.  I thought the Ma po was great — Mister Man said it was just at his chiliness threshold (almost too hot to enjoy).  I sauted Chinese Broccoli (got it at a Vietnamese market here in town (called cai lang) and it turned out fab.  Chinese broccoli is less flowery head, more leafy — sort of a combo between broccolli and greens.  It is very tender and tasty.  I LOVE broccoli and will use the chinese type more frequently.   So, thanks Onion Tears for the inspiration.  (BTW, we did eat brown instead of white rice).

Well, I finished “The Omnivore’s Dillema” a few days ago and have moved on to “Fast Food Nation.”  I don’t know why I’ve gotten on this industrial food thread . . . but the books are great.  In between I read Suze Orman’s “Women and Money,” as part of my continuing education about real life issues.  I was pleased to find that I have achieved  some of the recommendations Suze makes — which for me has been no small feat.  Like many people, I find issues of finance, investing, and money to be difficult to confront.  Orman’s book straightforwardly sets out a plan to fulfill basic financial and legal needs that women must take care of.  I was watching Dave Ramsey last night and one woman called in saying her husband had just been thrown in the pokey for 10 years for financial misdeeds, she doesn’t work outside the home, and he had always taken care of all financial matters.  She hadn’t a clue as to how to cope with the legal issues, bill paying, harassment by creditors, and looming foreclosure on her home.  It was very sad (Ramsey hooked her up with a counselor to help her through).  I guess it must be my middle-agedom that has caused me to reflect on these things, plus our flailing economy.

Anyway, it is freakin’ cold out and I have class today . . .  so, TTFN while I start the process of layering.

One Response to “Ma po tofu and Money does matter”

  1. oniontears Says:

    Mmm Mapo tofu and Chinese broccoli? Sounds yummy…I only wish we had some here. I actually read fast food nation a few years ago and it was pretty interesting. You should check out Super Size Me if you haven’t seen it since it also deals with fast food, health, and (if I remember correctly) some urban perspectives on the appeal of fast food.

    Hope spot is getting better but I must say that I love the snuglie pic.

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