Bill update


Oniontears asked why I hadn’t posted about Bill since he withdrew his name for Sec. of Commerce.  I guess I was just too bummed out about the whole thing.

I think Bill jinxed himself when he shaved off the beard.  He will remain as Governor of New Mexico, phew!  Maybe things will sort out and he will be able to take a leadership role in the future.  Meanwhile, Bill, I’ll light a candleito for you.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day and tomorrow is Obama’s inaugeration.  Yipee!!!  Most Americans believe that MLK’s dream has been fulfilled!!  WHAT???  are they on crack?  By all economic, social, and political indicators, US society has a LONG way to go before we reach a state of equality.   Obama is a good start, but he ain’t the end all.  We still have a lot more work to do!!!  But, let’s celebrate the King today, and Obama tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Bill update”

  1. The report I saw was that most African-Americans believe that his dream has been fulfilled, which I find even more shocking. Well, lets celebrate this momentous occasion, with the added significance of immediately following MLK day, and keep on working!

  2. I still can’t believe we had an Irish president. And I’m still poor…. what’s up with that?

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