In praise of spicy food

Dinner last night was Thai green curry with shrimp and tofu . . . spicy and yummy.  green_curry(note: this is not my photo)

Onion Tears and I were discussing a while back the virtues of chili.  In addition to being one of the best food flavorings, chilis provide important vitamins (esp. C) and other phytochemicals that can keep one healthy.  One study suggests that that it has anibacterial properties (like onions and garlic).  I was telling Mister Man last night that I believe chilis are the key to good health.  There’s nothing like that sweat that comes over you, the subtle burn from mouth to stomach, the wonderful flavor of the different varieties.

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I think I’m on a post-Obamathon slump — the parties are all over and it is down to business.  I’m thrilled to see Obama take full charge of the office and his first actions as President.  These are the times that so many of us have dreamed about — but dreams can be dangerous if we allow ourselves to become complacent.

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Otherwise, I’ve been pretty busy with the new semester and putting together the NAES conference program.  I am on a MWF rotation and it REALLY sucks!  Class periods are only 50 minutes — it is very difficult to keep my lectures to this short time frame (I like tangents and quirky facts to pepper my lectures).   I’ve got a great seminar on Archaeological theory — lots of good talkers in the class (for those not in the know, Nebraskans tend to not be very talkative in class).  I am also teaching a class on Indigenous People of Latin America.  Lots of fun.  Anyway, it is Friday . . . I have a ton of work to do . . .  so TTFN!

One Response to “In praise of spicy food”

  1. oniontears Says:

    I was really impressed with the dish…until I saw your note! Either way it sounded yummy and I totally agree with you on the chili. I think it promotes good health and it feels so good to eat that spicy food. I recently found frozen green chili from N.M. at my market so I can’t wait to try it out. Not as great as picking it up myself and roasting it but I suppose I can’t have it all…including having the best chilis. :O

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