Spring has emerged, cautiously in Lincoln

crocus-purpleyellowThe first flowers to wake up from their winter slumbers are the crocus . . . . last year an artic blast destroyed them the day after they popped out.  The daffodils are growing, they’ll be up next week I think.  There’s nothing like flower to make life just so much better and cheerful.



She enlisted a gaggle of school children to clear the area.  I’m sure that the hard work of turning the soil, adding compost, creating beds, ensuring a proper drainage system, etc. will fall to the professional grounds keepers for the white house.  But “YAY” for Mrs. Obama.  She has the opportunity to demonstrate  positive actions to make this world a little better.  A victory garden is an excellent teaching opportunity:  to learn about US history, to learn about food production, chemicals, pollution, poverty, etc.

BTW, if the man doesn’t like beets, grow them anyway, someone else might!

One Response to “Spring has emerged, cautiously in Lincoln”

  1. i have learned to love beets, but then I know which side my bread is buttered on. (It’s always the side that lands face down… buttered slices of bread are kind of like cat’s that way….. but easier to butter)

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