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Interview today with the Omaha World Herald

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I was interviewed today by the Omaha World Herald regarding the meaning of suspension rituals. I was informed that a piercing studio in the Omaha area is holding monthly suspension shows (free to watch, $100.00 to participate). My colleague and friend Dr. Mary Willis recommended me as an expert . . . since I AM the resident piercing authority! I’ll post the article once it is published. Check back next week. This came out of the blue today, which is funny since my last post was about septum piercing! Coincidence? You be the judge!

After providing some anthropological background to Native American suspension practices, I covered underground BDSM suspension practices that have been around for some time in large urban areas such as L.A. Some of you may remember the suspension scene from the Richard Harris movie “A Man Called Horse.” Here’s a photo snagged off the net of a modern version of the practice.

“They pierce the cartilage of the nose within . . .”

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And so Diego de Landa reported of Maya women of the Yucatan in the mid 16th century. It was also the custom for men and women to tattoo their bodies, pierce their ears, and file their teeth.

In ancient times, royal women performed auto-sacrifice by drawing a thorn embedded cord through their tongues! I’ll pass on that one!

Septum piercing is also practiced by some Kuna women (Panama and Colombia). In the past, girls had their noses pierced in infancy, today, many mothers eschew the practice to allow girls choice in the matter. Kuna women are also recognized for their fine reverse applique work known as “molas.”