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Chickie-vision: Our new entertainment

Posted in Urban Farming on May 17, 2009 by xxxicana

Last weekend, Mister Man and I went to a party; the hostess has six chickens.  I was envious.  Monday, I called around for chickens.  Tuesday I drove out to the little town Clatonia to pick up two Buff Orpington pullets.  I couldn’t be happier!!

Now I can strike ‘getting chickens’ off my to do list.  Mister Man has been obsessing all week about a coop and ordered a kit last night.  He wants me to call Farmer Dan back up to get a sister for Bobbie and Teddy.  I’m not so sure that we need three hens . . . . that’s a lot of eggs (maybe up to 900 per year)!!!   Here are photos of the girls:


Two chickens fit just fine in a cat carrier!

spot & hens

Spot was very curious about the hens . . .

balam & hens

Balam was actually afraid of the chickens!

stepin out

First steps into the kitchen.

That’s right, into the kitchen.  Tom said that this reminded him of something his mom once said, “Just because you have chickens in the house, it doesn’t make you a farmer.”  The translation is that chickens in the house make you TPT (trailer park trash).  Well, that’s ok . . . I can live with that!  The hens did spend the first night in the house.  The cats paid them no attention!  But, the next day they had to go outside — it is only right and proper that chickens live outside where they can feast on grass, weeds, bugs, and worms.


On Thursday, our amigo Pablo came over to watch “chickie-vision” with us.  We sat out in the yard drinking beer and watched the hens.  I highly recommend chickens as stress relievers!  You just can’t worry too much about the world sitting around drinking beer, shootin’ the breeze, and watching the chickens.

I’ll be posting updates on the hens here and there, so check back to see how things are going!