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Roasting Chiles, Part Deux

Posted in Urban Farming with tags on August 24, 2008 by xxxicana

Mister Man ordered 25 lbs of Hot Hatch Chiles from Berridge Farms, NM — right after my mom and dad sent 25 lbs to us the week before! We gave some of them to friends, and roasted the rest last night. I am thinking of awarding Tom an “Honorary Mexican” card for being an ace roaster. He also brought out Los Lobos music to work by [plus he’s trying to learn the song ‘Mas y mas y mas”]. Tom also knows the correct response to the New Mexican State Question: “Red or Green” . . . . and he took a ritual dusting at Chimayo a couple of years back . . so, his apprenticeship is going pretty well!

Chiles in a Tub

Waiting for the coals to heat up

Skinning the peppers

Check out the nice grill table hand-made by Mister Man. It is the perfect height for working and looks very nice, too.

Pinto Beans – It’s what’s for dinner

Tonight we’ll be enjoying a pot of pinto beans (with a ham hock thrown in) and green chile.  These pintos are also from New Mexico — I picked them up in Bernalillo last summer.  Any Southwesterner worth her salt knows that the right bean is the pinto.  Black beans, Kidney beans, Navy beans, Garbanzo beans — these area all fabulous beans in their own right . . . but for the perfect southwestern dinner, it’s gotta be a pinto!