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Shameless Self-Promotion

Posted in Musings with tags , , , on November 13, 2008 by xxxicana

In academia, one can’t really get ahead without indulging in absolutely shameless self-promotion (preferably using a droll, annoying voice). So, Dear Readers, here goes. Please visit Istmo (see my links) and click on “articulos y ensayos” . . . I have an article on ancient Maya music (don’t worry, there’s an English and Spanish version). Istmo is an online journal for Central American literary and cultural studies — the only of its kind. Since this is a growing field, there isn’t a paper journal — “just” an e-journal. Now, this is actually a good thing, I believe. First, since manuscripts don’t have to go through the usual editing , proofing, galley pages stages, things are “published” much more quickly. Further, as my article demonstrates, it is possible to present one’s work in a multi-media fashion. My article has links to images and sounds to enhance the text. On Friday I will be presenting a lecture at UNL for the Ethnic Studies Week celebrations based on this article. It’s been fun to find sound files to insert into my slides . . . including the song “Tres Veces Mojado” (three times a “wetback’) by “Los Tigres del Norte” which is about Salvadoran immigrants that have to cross three borders to arrive in the US. Later I will link the presentation to my UNL webpage where you may view it should you wish. Meanwhile, check out the Istmo article to see what kind of stuff I’ve been working on!