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Announcing a new cool website

Posted in Musings with tags , , on July 27, 2008 by xxxicana

Ruminant Records has just started up to showcase the music of Tom Martin.

Be sure to listen to the music and read his “scribblings. Tom is a fantastic writer of creative non-fiction. This first posting reflects on the topic of families – the alcoholic, dysfunctional kind and the conscious efforts he took to not replicate the past. But, how do you escape a paradigm of familial violence if you don’t have one to replace it with? Tom Martin’s work is poignant, painful, but not self-pitying; this essay will resonate for anyone that has questioned his or her parenting skills or has worked through the legacy of domestic violence. Much has been written on the subject of women as victims of domestic violence and even adult male survivors of sexual abuse. Yet little attention has been directed towards the complex dynamics of being an adult survivor of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of an alcoholic, psychologically abusive mother and alcoholic, physically abusive father. Tom Martin’s essay bridges this gap of a boy trying to escape in any way that he can.

Here’s the link:

More music can be heard at the link “Tom Martin Music” :