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That’s Reverend Doctor, please!

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Who’da thunk?


Carleen D. Sanchez

Yes, it is true, I am now an ordained minister!!! WHAT????

Yup, strange days are a comin’

Ok, here’s the scoop. I got a knock on my office door today — it was a one of my graduate students. “I have something totally off the wall to ask you . . . you can feel free to say no.” Normally, when people start a sentence out like that, the answer is “NO!” But, I like Sam — she’s a great person, very cool, very smart — but just in case, I did say, “No, you can’t have one of my kidneys.”

She was not in search of an organ donor, money, bad advice (the only kind I have), but rather wanted to know if I would officiate at her wedding next summer. She had it all worked out, I could get ordained online for free. Her fiance was all for it — the wedding is going to be non-religious, non-traditional, with BBQ afterwards. Hmm, I do like BBQ. I told her I would only do it if I could wear a HUGE headdress — like this one:

I was pleased as punch, but said I would consider it. But the whole idea appeals to me so much, I went ahead and got ordained with the Universal Life Church. For $139.95 I can order their “Ministry in a Box.” I was bummed that it doesn’t come with a box of sacred wine. I guess I’ll have to go to Target for that.

But, seriously, I am going to accept Sam and Ben’s invitation to officiate. I feel very honored, actually, and have a few months to think up an appropriately sagacious and celebratory statement.

TaDa! Check out this new blog

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Check out the Onion Tears blog link . . . thoughts, comments, and life in Santa Cruz, CA.  This very new blog is action packed (photos of Maya Ruins), informative (how to cook with TSP . . . if you know what TSP is), funny, and bitter-sweet.  It’s written by the offspring of two anthropologists . . . which is probably more of a challenge than anyone deserves . . . in other words, it is written by my daughter!