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No rest for the wicked

Posted in Musings on January 8, 2009 by xxxicana

Mister Man doesn’t believe that I actually work (even when he can clearly see me sitting in my chair thinking big thoughts).  So, today I decided to take a picture of me at work — well, I’m not in the photo — but you can see my work spread out on the table:


I became the de facto program chair for this year’s NAES conference, which means that I get to sort through 289 paper proposals to organize them into sessions.  What POWER and all from the comfort of home!
I still haven’t posted about my exciting trip to SoCal yet . . . I’ve been too busy.  In addition to creating the NAES conference program, I have a manuscript due on the 15th and classes start on Monday.  YIKES!!!  I’d better get to work.