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ShamWoW, Slap Chop, and the Graty!!!

Posted in Musings with tags , , on February 1, 2009 by xxxicana


slapchop_featuresFirst he hawked the ShamWoW, now he’s on TV again with the incredible Slap Chop and companion Graty — buy NOW!!  I checked out the website ( — and he ain’t lying — if you call in to order, the price is lower and you get a free chopping board!!

This guy is GRATE (heehee, a little pun).   No, really, he is perfect for pitching products.  The first time I saw the ShamWow commercial I couldn’t quite like him, but I couldn’t quite dis-like him.   After watching the commercial several times, I almost bought ShamWoWs for everyone for Christmas (I caught myself before I committed).  His style is interesting — clearly he is on TV and so the audio is recorded with a boom, but he wears a headset as if he were talking to us at homeshow or the state fair.  The products are, eh, so-so.  Come on, I can clean up a mess in the house with a free product called “Mister Man’s ratty ol’ t-shirts that not even he can wear anymore,” — those things other people call “rags.”  (Mister Man takes pride in his riches to rags wear — but that’s another post).

Now we are being sold the Slap Chop and the Graty — and I find myself mysteriously desiring these products — this guy has sucked me in — I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!

But, that’s the point, no?  Again, we are being sold the sizzle, not the steak (I know, obscure reference — in a former life I worked in retail and was trained to sell, sell, sell).  I already have kitchen implements that fulfill chopping functions — uh, like KNIVES.  I even have a 20 year old cuisinart and a 24 year old blender.  I don’t need a  Slap chop — get me something really innovative, like a BITCH SLAP CHOP!.

So, who is this guy?  Check out his wiki entry:

Yes, he is a real person, and he OWNS the products he hawks!  He’s an ex-scientologist that sued the church (yay for him), he sued Anna Nicole Smith, he’s sued everyone in Hollywood!  Move over Ron Popeil – Vince is the new permutation of the shyster or purveyor of snake oil.